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In today’s world where everything is so fast and rushed, it's easy to forget things that are important. It's easy to lose sight and hop on the trending bandwagon. There’s a rush to do more, feel more, be more. Quick dinners have taken over evening soirees, speed dating has taken over long walks, and fast fashion has taken over thoughtful designs. We’re heading in a direction where more is not enough and less will always be less. That’s what got us thinking - do we really want to stand by that? Do we want to feed into what the world wants from us or do we want the world to see things through our lens?

That thought kept us awake for long hours, and we knew we had to do our best to not be part of that world in whatever little ways we could. That’s how Tizzi came into being, a homegrown sustainable swimwear brand that wants to transform the Indian swimwear trends in ways no one thought were possible. We still have a long way to go but it's safe to say that we’ve started our journey and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

The first step at being a sustainable swimwear brand means that we maintain complete transparency and keep you in the loop with what we’re doing. So let's get to it.

Sustainable swimsuits

The very core of our being, our swimsuits, are sustainable. We made it possible to use fabrics which are regenerated, recycled and easy on the environment. They not only make one feel better with their body tummy tucking properties but also are chlorine resistant. Ours is sourced from Italy and the highest standards are ensured - which means they’ll last you long. Thus, slowing down the cycle.

Hygiene liners

As a part of our health and hygiene standards, a swimsuit must come with a liner and in our case, we make it using recycled paper to minimize our plastic use. 

Low plastic usage

Be it our tags, bags or packaging. Saying no to plastic is second nature to us. We use reusable chains for tags, paper for packaging and butter paper to pack our sustainable styles. At Tizzi swimwear, we are conscious consumers and sellers.

We don't make in bulk

At Tizzi swimwear, producing in bulk just ain’t our thing. We don’t reduce costs that way, we make every piece to order and as much consideration as we possibly can. We do our best to avoid landfilling, and stay away from fast fashion trends and bulk manufacturing.

Ethical work practices

We know that we grow because of our employees and workers and we wouldn’t have it any other way. So we try our best to ensure that everyone who’s associated with us is paid fair and is above the legal working age. Sustainability is not just about our product, but everything around it, and we understand that.

We can’t say we are there yet, because we aren’t but we do know that sustainability is a lifestyle and we are doing our best to live it each day every day. We are here to transform beach fashion by being the first sustainable swimwear brand in India. With our body-positive approach, we believe that Indian beach fashion is about to transform and we’re here for it!

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